Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, I go to my mom's house last night to weigh myself. I had all my clothes on and it was late in the evening. when i got on the scale, my heart dropped. It told me that i had only lost 1 and a half pounds! I worked so hard the last week and that was all I lost!? then mom says to me, " Katie, why dont you weigh yourself in the morning with no clothes on?" so i went home heavy hearted, but planned to do exactly that. So this morning i went and borrowed my neighbor's scale and got undressed and closed my eyes and got on. when i opend them, to my suprise and udder relief, i had not lost only 1 and a half pounds. i had lost 7!!! I am so excited that all my hard work is acualy working!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good days are here again!

The yummy salad was called rottaserie chicken caesar salad! It is made up of iceberg lettuce slices of chicken,also mixed with it is spinach leafs. surisingly, I've never liked spinich, but
when it's mixed the way it is in the salad, I can eat it!

Anyway, to continue, I went grocery shopping today and spent almost 100 dollars on all of my healthy diet food! I took the advise of a friend, and bought the 'Smart Ones' dinners. they are kinda expensive, but since I got them on sale for 1.59(they are regularly 2.77) I was able to really stock up! I was also able to buy the Weight Watchers yogurt, which was also on sale, so I have something for a snack if Im in the mood for something sweet! I also stocked up on bottled water and Crystal Light Energy( that works awsome!) Also, just wanted everyone to know that I have gone 3 days with NO soda!!!! THAT alone, is a HUGE step for me! I like the Weight Watchers dinners cause they are between 4 and 7 points each, and the yogurt is only 1! Anyway, I hope everyones day is great and has been successful! Until tomorrow ladies...

Friday, January 9, 2009

THE SALAD THAT SAVED THE DAY!(I know im a dork!)

Well, today I found the best dang salad I have ever had! It was suprisingly very tasty! And the best part? It only cost me 3 of my daily points! this is something I could probably eat daily and not get tired of it! (At least for a while!) I am glad i like salads, because I think they are going to be a big part of this diet! And a big thank you to all those who gave me those great ideas on eating enough everyday! that REALLY, REALLY HELPED!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am realy trying to start this life changing diet out right, but i am finding it kinda hard to eat all of the good food that im supposed to! not that Im eating bad, its that im finding it VERY DIFFICULT TO EAT EVERYDAY! I have some bad habits to break; as in, acualy eating everyday, instead of eating only one meal, or sometimes going a couple days without eating ANYTHING at all. does anyone have any advice on how i can change from eating practicly nothing, to eating 4 to5 small meals a day? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

A poem i wrote(just bare with me!)

January brings with it, our New years resolutions,
my big goal this year is to lose all this extra weight!
I will do this by having the willpower to change my life,

All of the women who has joined me in this crusade,
to be the biggest loser is what we all hope,
good luck to each and everyone of of my sisters,
am i going to be the chubby girl in the end? NOPE!!!

So, even if it's 10 lbs or 80 that we all want to part with,
im so glad you girls are the ones im losing the pounds with,
for I know to be able to reach my goal by June,
I'll need all your help, for I know we all CAN DO IT!!!!!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So the fun begins...

well, today i got a crash course on diet, good food, bad food, how many points the food i like to eat equal, and let me tell you, the food i was used to eating, most of them i wont be eating any more! I will be changing my whole life style, but is'nt that sort of the point? its going to be difficult the first little while, but i have the willpower to overcome my fears and start to like the way my body looks in a swimsuit(I would not be caught DEAD in one right now!) Time is my best friend right now! until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new life starts...NOW!!!

I am so very excited to be doing the biggest loser with everyone this year! I m wanting to lose around 90 lbs this year, and what a great way to start on my journey to a better life! how great it will be to be able play with my kids and not be tired,or walk up the stairs and not feel winded, and the most important... How good it will feel to look in the mirror again! good luck to us all, and may the biggest loser win!!!